Sep 27

The Freshers Survival Guide

Don't let everything pile up...

Because there’s going to be lots of new people visiting this website (fingers crossed!), we thought it fitting that there should be some kind of advice section to help you out over the first few weeks. So we got a forum thread going with tips from older members and graduates (click here for the thread, and for even more advice), and we decided on our top five bits of advice. Enjoy!


Sure, you’re at university to learn new stuff, but social interaction with other people is a really big part of the experience. I know it seems a little patronising to say this, but… make new friends! There’s always a group of people who don’t do this, and end up sitting in their room all year and complaining that nobody likes them. Some people just aren’t very good at making friends, or very outgoing.

The best way to deal with this is to find a group of people with the same interests as you, such as a club or society! It makes talking to others so much easier when you know you have things in common already. And by visiting this website, you’ve already made the first step, so keep going and sign up to our forums!


Now that you’re at university and living on your own, the realisation will soon set in that you’re an adult, and you’ll have to start behaving like one. So on the topic of self-control, here’s some things not to do:

  • Drink yourself into a coma. Going on a night out is fun, but not every night in a week. It’ll have a bit impact on your wallet, as well.
  • Spend all your money. Most of you won’t have had this amount of money available to you before, so make sure you don’t blow it all on clothes, games, etc. Set some aside for rent, bills, food, and so forth.
  • Play video games all day long. It’s a big temptation, especially when you’re not being pushed as hard to work as college. But you’ve come here for a reason, so make the most of it. Oh, and on this topic…
  • DO NOT PLAY WORLD OF WARCRAFT. Or any other MMO, for that matter. Trust us.


And now for the obvious advice – Do your work! Try and do it as soon as possible, or at least don’t leave it until the last minute. If you keep putting it off, then realise there’s more work than you thought, you’re screwed. And don’t rely on extensions, because they only give them out for valid reasons (“I spent all of my time raiding” is not a valid reason).

if you’re having any problems, ASK FOR HELP. Ask others on your course if you missed any lessons, so you can catch up on lecture notes. If you don’t understand something that was taught to you, ask your lecturer to explain it further. There’s also other people there to listen, such as personal tutors. You don’t have to suffer alone.


Again, it seems obvious, but you’ve got to look after yourself whilst you’re here. The most important part of this is food – If you eat nothing but takeaways for the first two weeks, you’ll be ill and have no money left, so the faster you get into good eating habits, the better. Stock up on basics – Bread, Milk, Eggs, Rice, Pasta… they’re all fairly cheap, and will last you for ages. If you’re living with people, chip in some money and make a big meal for everyone.

Oh, and, er… please have showers. Nobody likes smelly people.

And most importantly:

#1 – HAVE FUN!