Nov 07

Comic of the Week – Scott Pilgrim

WE ARE SEX BOB-OMB! 1 2 3 4!

Scott Pilgrim. I’d imagine everybody reading this (all 5 of you) have at least heard of it, and probably watched the film, played the game and / or read the books. Originally released in 2004, the 6 volume series would steadily amass fans and awards, culminating with its theatrical release and the final volume’s publication last year.

The story is a parody of video-games throughout time, realised perfectly by Bryan Lee O’Malley. 23 year old Canadian and “hero” of the series, Scott Pilgrim, depiction of stereotypical gamers everywhere, being both a master of procrastination and moonlighting in amateur band Sex Bob-Omb, falls in love with Ramona Flowers, a delivery girl whom he only meets through sheer chance in his dreams, and must then defeat her seven evil-exes so that they may continue to date. And if that sounds corny, well, you’re wrong, as O’Malley makes it anything but, so hit the link to find out more.

The battles are all parodies of video-game boss fights and the entire series takes nerd culture and revels in it. From the Subspace that Scott and Ramona use to travel around, to vegans going super-saiyan and being psychic masters, to hipsters, to the ever-suave and mastermind behind the exes Gideon, to… well, I can’t really do it justice. It should go without saying, but if you’re here reading this, odds are, you’ll love it.

As for how the whole thing looks, the best way I can think of to describe it is a western manga. It draws from both eastern and western culture to create a unique end result that’s rather unique. It manages to look simple while actually being rather complex (even more so towards the end, with some inspired creations). The style is a breath of fresh air from the usual realism and superhero fare that Marvel and DC churn out on a weekly basis, and… well, it just fits.

Arguably best of all, Scott Pilgrim doesn’t outstay its welcome, never dragging on or diverting from the main plot. O’Malley himself said “If I was still doing Scott Pilgrim in ten years, I would be dead inside.” As such, each of the six volumes never let up, and none feel like a waste of time to read like many more long-running series.

To summarise, there’s no reason not to get into Scott Pilgrim. Its fun, quirky, moreish and will keep you hooked until the final blow. And if you’ve seen the movie already, don’t worry as the books go into far more detail and in hugely different directions at times (Roxy and the Twins are completely different, and heck, the movie ending was redone at the last minute when the final volume came out). Now, where did I put my copy…

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