Nov 13

Week 7 – Skyrim Sword

My reaction whenever Tom puts a video on

If you’ve managed to pull yourself away from Skyrim for a few minutes to read this, then hi! A more vanilla flavour of Anicom this week, but hopefully no less enjoyable. Heck, we (and by we I mean Tom) even managed to sneak in a few… weirder… things. But now, the announcements. Of which there’s only really one. But its a big one…

AGE VI! Thursday 1st December! 10 – 4! In case exclamations don’t get across how much fun these events are, just ask anybody who’s been to one before and they’ll tell you of all the fun times. Between large gaming tournaments with great prizes (this year alone there’s at least 3 huge ones, including Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3), tonnes of consoles, from 360s, PS3s and Wiis (with a 360 LAN tournament on either CoD or Battlefield), to retro stuff including a Nintendo World Championships tourney on the NES, to handhelds with the DS / 3DS / PSP with a Pokémon Elite Four challenge, to a room decked out with RockBand gear, to traditional gaming if you like card games / minatures, to… well, if its gaming related, its there. Its free to attend and it’ll be huge amounts of fun, so come along!

– This week’s ArtJam asks you to draw a fantasy hero, what with Skyrim out now and Skyward Sword out this Friday (you won’t see me next weekend), so amaze and amuse us for the usual condiments and prize for the best.

And yeah, that’s all. I’ll let you get back to your Elder Scrolls now. Although, saying that, ever noticed how there aren’t actually any “Elder Scrolls” in them…

UPDATE – Well, as it turns out, I’m wrong (not the first time). There ARE Elder Scrolls in Oblivion and Skyrim. I should probably do better research. Also, for those wondering where yesterday’s Cartoon of the Week is, I’m working on it, sorry for the delays. >_<