Nov 21

Week 8 – Samurai Showdown

As voiced by Samuel L freakin' Jackson

Another week passes, another batch of interesting videos and shows… shown. Tom may have accidently made a mild samurai themed night by complete accident (which is a-ok in my book), so hopefully you enjoyed our sword-weilding friends. And now, a few announcements…

ANIMEX. If you’re interested in coming along (and frankly, y’all should be, its one of the best things this uni does), then give this thread a read. Basically, you need to either forum PM or otherwise tell Tom (or failing that, me or Jade) that you want to go to Animex. Early tickets are normally £80, but through Anicom we’re getting them for £70. You’ve got until a week this Thursday (so, 1st December) to confirm and pay, so don’t delay. Seriously, Animex is worth every penny. Oh, and that discount is for members only, so if you haven’t yet, read this and sign up!

AGE VI! Just 10 days away as I write this, this is gonna be awesome. If you’re interested in any kind of gaming at all, come along. Its free, its fun and its all for charity. These events are always popular and have many epic memories, so make sure to come along. Oh, and if you wanna help out, this thread’s the place to go.

– The ArtJam for this week is to either draw a cartoon in the style of an anime, or draw an anime in the style of a cartoon. A bit tricky, I’ll agree, but I’m still interested to see what people come up with (I know what I’m doing).

– Oh, and incase you hadn’t spotted, we’ve started using the blog more. Okay, I’ve fallen behind on the second week, admittedly, but this is where you guys can help out. You all have your own favourite comics, cartoons, anime, manga and webcomics. So why not tell us about them? Speak to the committee, or e-mail anicomhivemind@gmail.com with 300 to 500 word article about them, and your work could be up on here, outshining mine by a long shot.

That’s all for now, so I’ll see each of you on Thursday when we show the great movie… Paprika. Remember that animation in the background of the 8-Bit IceCream in Basement? Yeah, this is it. Prepare to have your mind blown. In a good way. Take care y’all!