Feb 10

Season 2 Week 6 – To Infinity and Beyond

Woody's Got Wood

Well, I’ll admit the first half hour of this session wasn’t Anicom at its highest, and I apologise to everyone for the dramadramadrama, but both me and Jade felt it had to be done. I’ll keep this summary brief, if you really want to know more talk to me in person…

– Myself and Jade decided after the Animex issues to call a Vote of No Confidence on Tom.
– After speeches / questions and a secret ballot, Tom was voted out as Chairman of Anicom.
– Sean, former Secretary, was voted in as the new Chairman.
– Alex Shelley, last year’s Treasurer, was voted in as the new Secretary.
– Jade remains Treasurer.

Moving on, what with it being Animex week and awards season, we showed last year’s Oscar winning animated film – Toy Story 3 (plus a Buzz Lightyear cartoon because why not). We also had a few announcements to make…

– MCM! I’ve gotten the list of people who’re interested all typed up and will be sending out e-mails this weekend with more information and asking a few questions in it, so if you still haven’t signed up better hurry up and PM me or hunt me down in person (I’ll be at the Gaming Social on Sunday), as otherwise it’ll get exponentionally harder to get you in on the trip.

– This week’s ArtJam wants you to draw your own set of… Power Rangers! I’ve already seen some cracking pictures in the works, so join in and have a laugh. Heck, even I’ll do one this week. And I don’t even watch them (apart from the awesome series being shown weekly at TV & Movies).

Aaaand we’re done here. Next week we’ll be showing everybodies childhood favourites Pokémon and Digimon amongst other stuff, so be there! Take care y’all~