Feb 17

Season 2 Week 7 – Memory Lane

"I mean, Venusaur!"

So, how did you like your childhood (well, most of our childhoods) being brought back for one week. Between Pokémon, Digimon, YuGiOh, Beyblade, Stop the Pidgeon and Simpsons, I think we covered all bases of awesome nostalgia. And we had some cool announcements too.

– If you signed up for the MCM trip, you should have gotten an e-mail. Reply to it. Like, asap. Please. Otherwise I’ll have to find you and poke you. With a Wayne. And that won’t end well for anyone. And if you didn’t sign up for the list but still want to go, then poke me / Alex / Jade asap, otherwise it’ll be too late. Final price / payment deadlines should be done over the next week, and the sooner you reply to the e-mail, the cheaper it’ll be. Hint hint.

– Mike (known as Dark Drifter on the forums) wants your help! He’s doing a small documentary on bronies for his uni work / portfolio, so if you’re particularly for (or against, for reasons that aren’t just faggotry) them, get in contact with him and help him out! Also post in his Scenes We’d Like To See thread. Because.

– ArtJam for this week! Draw a Pokémon or Digimon! Couldn’t be easier if I tried!

That’s all for now, so see ya around next week for more cool stuff like… like… I dunno actually. Oh, and a cool announcement for the week after this one. Because its been a while since we ran one of those sessions. Take care y’all!