Mar 07

Season 2 Week 9 – Role Reversal

We should make this Anicom's mascot or something...

Totally not late with this blog post. >_> But yeah, this (or last…) week you got to call the shots, and call them y’all most certainly did. Robot Chicken, Carnival Phantasm, Freakzaoid, Ghost in the Shell, Cow and Chicken, Ouran, Ren and Stimpy and some silly spherical cat, all chosen by you guys. So you can’t blame me for once. ;D

Also, the SU elections are now over, and you can see who won over on the forums, along with a few… choice reactions. Besides that there were hardly any announcements, just…

– The MCM trip is now closed to sign-ups. Like I probably said it was last week, and the week before. Except it really is this time. We’re getting the final quotes and calculations done now, and with any luck tomorrow we can give you a final figure on what you’ll need to pay and by when.

– ArtJam for next week has given you a million pounds! So what would you do with it? Besides hookers and blow.

See, told you there was nothing really to announce. Make sure you’re around tomorrow as its another movie night, and this time you get to choose. What could the options be? Wait and see. Take care y’all!