Mar 09

Season 2 Week 10 – Riiiiiidge Raaaaacer

Elvis Presley meets Travis Touchdown

THROBULATOR APPROVES OF THIS POST. Yep, Invader Zim crashlanded into Anicom this week, followed by the masterclass of animation and insanity that is Redline. Along with a few announcements, some actually important, so enjoy…

– We are hiring! Okay, not quite, but next month it’ll be time to elect a new committee. If you’re at all interested in becoming the Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer of Anicom next year, get talking to myself, Jade or Alex. We’re hoping to give any wannabe committee members a trial session in early April, and I can tell you now, despite all the stress I’ve been through, to be in charge of the biggest society in Tees Uni is an amazing experience.

– MCM e-mail explaining how much you have to pay and when by will be sent out asap, as soon as we’ve finished origanising transport. Speaking of which, if you can drive a minibus, or know someone who can, who’d be interested in a free trip to this May’s MCM Expo, pleeeeeease get in touch with me asap. Many thanks! =D

– There’s an 8Bit coming up next week! Taking place straight after Anicom from 9 til late, in the Basement, it’s gonna be a 90s Night themed event, and if you’ve been to past 8Bits, you’ll know not to miss out (and if you haven’t, you really should go along). Its only £4 for the night, and here’s everything else you could possibly need to know.

– Talking of upcoming events, tomorrow (Sat 10th) Fight Club are holding their latest events, Parmo vs Capcom 3! Here’s the link, it opens at 11am with a cost of £2.50 per tourney you enter. If you’re into fightan’ games (or want to try Soul Calibur V out for cheap, like I’m doing), then come along!

– Oh and that ArtJam. Draw your dream sammich. You can tell I’m coming up with these out of thin air… >_>

And we’re done here. And don’t forget, next week Anicom is in OL7! So see ya there for more fun as we do our own 90s theme night to warm y’all up for 8Bit. With Evangelion, amongst other stuff. Take care!