Mar 28

Season 2 Week 12 – Jade Night <_<

Please stand by

Well Sean was in Not-Wales, so i had control over the shows =3. Not much to say on this =P Now for any new announcements!!

And now for your Spring Break announcements!

– Still on the lookout for a new committee. I’m not up in Middlesbrough currently, but talk to Alex / Jade or message me somehow and I’ll set you up for one of the trial sessions and talk more about what running Anicom involves. Those trail sessions are currently set for April 7th / 14th (the first two weeks back), with the AGM to elect the new guys and gals in on 21st / 28th.

– I have actually sent out the MCM e-mail with the final payment details on it now. If you haven’t recieved it and you’re sure you should’ve done, get in contact with me asap.

Anicom IS running over Spring Break. Same time as usual, in OL7, just without me in charge. I have no clue what Jade and Alex plan to do for those two sessions, so petition to them if you have requests.

Stewart (or Hidama) is running a charity watch him play Amnesia sessionon Wednesday the 11th of April at 9pm. Its for charity so tune in, donate some money. After seeing the last one it was tons of fun and it’s all for a good cause. Go HERE for more information

– Aaaand finally the Spring Break ArtJam! Instead of a big one which everyone would still leave to the day before, instead we want you to make some cool new banners for the forum! This thread has everything you need to know, and I’m hoping to see some awesome stuff to put up on the site.