Apr 09

Season 3 Week 1 – Return of the Avatar

American animation at its best

We’re baaaaaack. Not that we were ever gone. And to celebrate our return, we’re letting the wannabe committee members for next year take over sessions. This week, Chairman candidate Tom (not that one), and Secretary candidate Jimbo took over, amazing us with Dangermouse, Korra and… Poyopoyo. Should’ve seen that one coming, really.

Anyway, announcements…

– The AGM for these new committee members is 99% going to be on the 19th or 26th April. I’m awaiting an e-mail from Tony, so as soon as I know the date, I’ll update everybody.

– The ArtJam for this week is to take a cartoon character you loved as a child and give them a mech.

– I didn’t mention it at the session, but MCMers should have an e-mail now telling them the payment deadline’s been extended. Check your inbox!

– Stewart (or Hidama) is running a charity watch him play Amnesia sessionon Wednesday the 11th of April at 9pm. Its for charity so tune in, donate some money. After seeing the last one it was tons of fun and it’s all for a good cause. Go HERE for more information

I think I’m done here, if I’ve forgotten something, lemme know, as I’m wiped. See y’all next week when two other candidates, Mizzy and Sarah, take over.