May 04

Season 3 Week 4 & 5 – Double Update Spectacular

That swan. That. Swan.

Okay, I may have forgotten to write a blogpost last week. I’ve been working on my Final Year Project, so just kinda forgot, sorry. Not that you guys did, as I saw more of you than ever this past fortnight. The end of the year is within sight boys and girls, one last push to the finish!

And with that attempt at motivation done, to the announcements!

– AGE VII is now less than a fortnight away! The Facebook page has all the information you need. There’ll be tournaments for Soul Calibur V, Smash Bros Brawl, UMvC3, Modern Warfare 3 and the return of the Pokémon Elite Four challenge (come at me, bros). So be there!

– Anicom has finally gotten past these silly room changes. We’re in H0.01 until the end of the year now (and beyond, but more on that in the near future). So if you’ve been locking yourself away doing work, come along and enjoy some cool stuff over the final three sessions.

– The ArtJam for next week is to draw the best or worst thing to fish up. I think. >_>

That’s all for now, so take care, and I’ll see y’all next week!