May 22

Season 3 Weeks 6 & 7 – Are We There Yet?

The end is within sight! This Thursday is the finalé of Anicom (well, I say finalé… you’ll see what I mean come Thursday), and its going out with a bang. In the meantime though, there’s probably some announcements I should make. Like thanking you for choosing Mulan. Another film I’ve not seen before… seen. Yeah, literary degree here I come.

Really though, I’ve got nothing. The ArtJam for this coming Thursday is to take something and round-ize it, inspired by Anicom’s recurring show of the year, which this year was Poyo-bleeding-Poyo. Needless to say, round cats will be making an appearence in a few days.

So yeah, take care, and if you’re not too busy with work (some people have exams and deadlines on the last day of term, that’s just mean…) come along for one last blast and some returns from the best stuff we’ve shown throughout the year. See y’all this Thursday, same Bat-Time (6pm), same Bat-Room (H0.01).