Jun 01

Season 3 Week 9 – So It’s Goodbye From Me

~ End of Days ~

And so this chapter comes to a close. Not just my tenure as Anicom Chairman, but also as a student here at Teesside. All the current committee has been unleashed into the big wide world now, but before I skedaddle back home and hand over to our new glorious overlords of Mizzy, Jimbo and Sarah (good luck you three), I’ve got time to write one last blog entry.

I decided to end my era doing the one thing I strived not to during my few months in charge, by putting on all the stuff I wanted to see, so now you’ve had a taste of some of my favourite series, past and present, including Angel Beats, Pokémon and Takeshi’s Castle. If you enjoyed them as well, great, if not, welp, not my problem anymore. ;D

But fear not, just because myself, Alex and Jade are gone or going, doesn’t mean Anicom has come to a close. We’ll be running all over the Summer, not only every Thursday, but from 12th June onwards, every Tuesday too! Check this forum thread for all the room locations and other info.

And finally, I’d like to thank you, not only for putting up with me and having the faith to make me Chair, but for three amazing years. I came here pretty withdrawn and shy (and teetotal), but have made so many brilliant friends for life, so many unforgettable memories and evolved so much as a person. So whether you’re here for another few years or are jetting off to some faraway place, it’s been a blast. Thank you.

Take care y’all. Slazout.