Jun 27

Anicom end of year stuff!

Probably should’ve posted something sooner, but it’s summer and I got lazy. It was a blast running Anicom this year, we had some great times, got to know a lot of you fun crazy people, and made the Uni year something special. I’m sorry a lot of folks seem to leave after Christmas, but I hope they show up again in the new Uni year in October. It’s a little saddening to leave Anicom after all this, but we’ve got a new committee and I’m sure they’ve got wonderful plans for Anicom when uni starts again.

These are your new committee: James is the Chair, Jess is Vice-Chair of Communications (Secretary), and Mike is Vice-Chair of Finance (Treasurer) try not to kill these ones. ;)

Come along to the Freshers Fare to be introduced to the new Anicom year in the last week in September at the Students Union.

That’s all folks!