Sep 18

Welcome Freshers 2015!

Welcome students, both new, old, and post-graduates, to the Teesside University Animation and Comics society!

I think you can all guess what we do just from the name. If not, we are a collection of fine purveyors of all things animation, anime, cartoons, and the like, as well as comics, manga, webcomics, Marvel, DC, that sort of stuff. We meet up every week in one of the largest university lecture theatres, OL1 (Europa building), we have ourselves a ball watching some of the best animated movies, cartoons, anime, and a lot of classic stuff. We run on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm till 9pm, every week of the year, except holidays, and we have a lot of fun!

We do regular art competitions on Thursdays called artjams. You draw something based on a random topic and get a cookie for it! You literally need no artskill for it, it’s all just for fun. After every session we socialise down at one of the finer, and quieter, pubs in Boro. You don’t need to drink, half of us don’t, we go to hang out and be social. That’s the key thing for us in the society, being friends with all of you and making your life at university one of the best. At Anicom we’re a family.

Come to our Freshers stall in the Hub at the Students Union on Tuesday 22nd September, between 10am and 4pm. Meet us and see if the society’s for you!