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Oct 15

Fall Anime 2017 First Episode Impressions – Part 4

It’s a bumper final crop of first episode impressions to round the year out, as I look at 17 more shows that have aired in the past week or so. Though I’m just happy I don’t have to worry about this again until next year… This last part has it all, from returning shorts like …

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Oct 08

Fall Anime 2017 First Episode Impressions – Part 3

Part the Third of our Fall anime impressions is here, as the brutality of about a dozen shows being dropped on one day hits home. But the good news is that means we have some of the season’s most anticipated series to talk about. Idols are back in style, with new Love Live and Idolmaster …

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Oct 06

Fall Anime 2017 First Episode Impressions – Part 2

Time for us to continue our journey into the Fall anime season, as I realise I’ve watched about two dozen new shows in under a week. And I’ve got about as many left to go in the week to come. Aaaaaaaaaaaah. This time, we cover mostly shows that aired between the 4th and 6th, though …

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Oct 04

Fall Anime 2017 First Episode Impressions – Part 1

Is it that time once more? The days grow shorter, the shops start stocking Halloween and Christmas goodies, and the Fall season of anime has arrived. This is usually where the big hitters of the year make their entrance, and considering my TV AotY has always been an Autumn show, it’s a reputation well-earned. This …

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Jul 30

Summer Anime 2017 – Three Episodes Later…

First episode impressions may be done and gone for the season, but that only means the real test begins now, as I get to see how the shows I championed unfold over the coming months. Half a dozen summer series stepped up this time around. From gamblers to spies, princes to pashas, ballroom dancers to …

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Jul 16

Summer Anime 2017 First Episode Impressions – Part 4

And just as quick as we started, here we are, at the end of the summer first episodes. Well, okay, that’s not strictly true, there’s a couple airing in the tailend of July and one or two in August but… I dunno, maybe I’ll get round to them another time. Anyways, this part contains July …

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Jul 11

Summer Anime 2017 First Episode Impressions – Part 3

Our coverage of the summer anime season continues, with another eleven shows that aired from the 7th to the 10th. Who says we can’t be up to date here? Spearheading this section we have Welcome to the Ballroom, a highly anticipated series about… ballroom dancing. Will it be the next Yuri on Ice? Elsewhere, we’ve …

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Jul 08

Summer Anime 2017 First Episode Impressions – Part 2

Are we really only a week or so into July? I’m totally losing track of days. Anyway, the Summer season of anime goes marching on, and we’ve got another eleven shows to cover. This time it’s stuff that aired July 3rd to 6th (mostly), which means we’ve got the noitaminA series Dive, a heap of …

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Jul 04

Summer Anime 2017 First Episode Impressions – Part 1

It doesn’t feel that long since the last batch of first episodes… but considering the fact I fell somewhat behind in Spring, maybe that isn’t too much of a surprise. Still, July has arrived, which means another season of shows, with a lot more new entries after Spring’s sequel fest. But will any of these …

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May 25

Spring Anime 2017 First Episode Impressions – Part 5

We made it! Before June ended too. This is the final part of our spring anime coverage for this year, looking at all the shows that debuted on or after April 13th (and one from before that I missed because I’m so pro). This final batch of nine shows includes sequels (Saekano Flat), prequels (Atom: …

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