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Apr 01

Movie March – Deadpool

Welcome back to Movie March, where… what do you mean, it’s April? And Easter Sunday? AND April Fools Day? Guess we’d better do something appropriate for such an occassion then. And if we’re going to be full of contradictions on this article, might as well make it a live-action film. Which I guess means it’s …

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Feb 14

Comic Review – Sex Criminals Vol 1: One Weird Trick

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Whether you’re single, in a couple, or polying it up, enjoy this day of love, romance and passion. We at Anicom also love all of the above (as well as using butt in conversation far too much / not nearly enough), so what better day to look at Image Comic’s amazing series …

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Oct 02

Batman Beyond Rebirth #1 Review

So there is a new wave of DC #1s coming out to try and tantalize new readers in after about 5 years of steadily declining sales. Most of these are just rebrandings of your regularly expected DC comcis, This one them going back to the well of the DCAU and trying to reinvigorate a book …

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Jan 12

Batman The Killing Joke Retrospective

The Killing Joke is probably one of the more equally famous and controversial Batman comics. Written by Alan Moore and drawn by Brian Bolland in 1988. It is called one of the most important Joker stories and has been given as reference material for the Batman movies by Tim Burton, Christopher Nolan, and the current …

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Feb 26

Comics Review – Spider-Gwen #1

One of the most unexpectedly popular characters Marvel comics has made in recent years, Spider-Gwen managed to get such a fan response that there was so much fan art and cosplay you’d think she’d been around for years rather than it being before her own introductory issue had been released. So with that massive overnight …

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Jan 16

Comic Review – Amazing Spider-Man 700

Main story by Dan Slott, back-up stories by J.M. DeMatteis, Jen Van Meter. Art by Humberto Ramos, Victor Olazaba, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Sal Buscema, and Stephanie Buscema. 700 is a landmark issue, the first Marvel comic to reach that high and also it is reportedly the last issue of Amazing Spider-Man. Though if you believe that …

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Nov 02

How to Get Into Comics

One question that I find about comics is “where do I start reading” and my answer is anywhere. Pick up any comic you’re interested in and start reading, they’re pretty entry level friendly if you have an open mind. Anything you don’t understand or want to know more about you can find out about online …

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Nov 02

Hack/Slash Review

Since Halloween is near here’s special review for Hack/Slash, the ongoing comic series created by Tim Seeley. It’s a horror action series that lampshades, parodies, and subverts the horror genre, particularly horror movies.

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Feb 03

Comic of the Week – Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8

So rather than Caped Crusaders how abut we go all Female on this. So for the first blog post on comics in a while, I’m going all Buffy the vampire slayer on this joint. After the cancelled Buffy and finished Season 7, they weren’t quiet finished with the franchise yet. So Season 8 the comic …

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Nov 15

Comic of the Week – Mad Love

A few years ago 2 people became partly responsible for a big boom in the cartoon market being enjoyed. Paul Dini (known for Batman animated / Superman/ Duck Dodgers/ Animaniacs /Star wars Ewoks) and Bruce Timm (Batman / Justice league) proved cartoons made in America could be critical and commercially a success.  Not long later the cartoons spilled …

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