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Feb 10

Monthly Recommendations – February 2017

It’s time for a new monthly recommendations column! Each month, we’ll be asking someone to pick out one of their favourite anime, comic, cartoon, manga or webcomic (or all of those!) and tell the world why they should be checking them out! This month, it’s RetroRemastered and Rock Bottom Radio’s own Laura calling the shots, …

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Oct 09

Webcomic Review – 8-Bit Theater

Well, given our beloved chairmen talked about Atomic Robo early in the week, it seems only fitting to talk about 8-Bit Theater! I hear you asking “Why? What possible connection is there between these 2 (web) comics?!” Simple, Brian Clevinger is one of the creators of Automic Robo – along with Scott Wegener – he’s …

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Mar 10

Webcomic Review – Ava’s Demon

Ava’s Demon is a web comic that started back in 2012, initially updating ~8-10 panels every Thursday. Due to a very successful Kickstarter to fund the first book being printed, the author Michelle Czajkowski has begun working on the comic full time. This has meant since January 2014 the comic updates on Mondays as well …

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Apr 18

Webcomic of the Week – Gunnerkrigg Court

Not done one of these in a while, so here goes. Starting in 2005, Gunnerkrigg Court portrays a world in which science and the ethereal conflict, the former represented by the titular court, and the latter a massive forest that surrounds the equally huge complex. The story follows two of the court school’s newest students, …

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Feb 21

Webcomic of the Week – Double K

“Miami Vice meets Gurren Lagann in the most explosive, high-octane buddy cop comedy in the HISTORY OF POLICE and/or INTERNET FAN COMICS” We’re done here. Get reading.

Nov 09

Webcomic of the Week – 8-Bit Theater

There’s an awful lot of webcomics out there on the web, and odds are, you read a bunch of them. But I’m not gonna focus on the Penny Arcades or VGCats, and instead take some of the maybe lesser-known, but certainly not lesser-quality series that are out there, whether they’re ongoing or did that rarest …

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