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Feb 09

Animex Week Room Change!

Due to Animex we can’t be in our usual room of OL1, so we’ve got our old replacement room of H0.01 for Tuesday and H0.53 for Thursday they’re both in the Centuria building. The building’s just past the library and the rooms are right as you go into the building. There should be classes in …

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Jun 01

Season 3 Week 9 – So It’s Goodbye From Me

And so this chapter comes to a close. Not just my tenure as Anicom Chairman, but also as a student here at Teesside. All the current committee has been unleashed into the big wide world now, but before I skedaddle back home and hand over to our new glorious overlords of Mizzy, Jimbo and Sarah …

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May 26

Season 3 Week 8 – An End, A Beginning

And so that’s it. Sorta. We went out with a bang, showing nine shows including Adventure Time, Gurren Lagann and Futurama. Twas pretty darn awesome, if I do say so myself (and I do). But the fun has only just begun… – Anicom over Summer! Oh hells yes. I’ll talk most about it at the …

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May 22

Season 3 Weeks 6 & 7 – Are We There Yet?

The end is within sight! This Thursday is the finalé of Anicom (well, I say finalé… you’ll see what I mean come Thursday), and its going out with a bang. In the meantime though, there’s probably some announcements I should make. Like thanking you for choosing Mulan. Another film I’ve not seen before… seen. Yeah, …

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May 04

Season 3 Week 4 & 5 – Double Update Spectacular

Okay, I may have forgotten to write a blogpost last week. I’ve been working on my Final Year Project, so just kinda forgot, sorry. Not that you guys did, as I saw more of you than ever this past fortnight. The end of the year is within sight boys and girls, one last push to …

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Apr 20

Season 3 Week 3 – Here Comes A New Challenger

Well there it is. We now have our new committee for next year. Congratulations to our new Chairman, Mizzy, our new Secretary, Jimbo, and our new Treasurer, Sarah. I have full confidence the three of you will do a superb job over the next year. =D Aaaand now for announcements… – Anicom will be in …

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Apr 13

Season 3 Week 2 – And Now For Something Completely Different

…yeah, I’m running out of ideas for blog post names. Chairman candidate Mizzy and Treasurer candidate Sarah were thrown into the breach this time, and came out with a cool selection of stuff including Looney Toons, Gundam Wing, Elfen Lied (now I remember why I never watch that show ;D ) and *deep breath* The …

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Apr 09

Season 3 Week 1 – Return of the Avatar

We’re baaaaaack. Not that we were ever gone. And to celebrate our return, we’re letting the wannabe committee members for next year take over sessions. This week, Chairman candidate Tom (not that one), and Secretary candidate Jimbo took over, amazing us with Dangermouse, Korra and… Poyopoyo. Should’ve seen that one coming, really. Anyway, announcements… – …

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Mar 28

Season 2 Week 12 – Jade Night <_<

Well Sean was in Not-Wales, so i had control over the shows =3. Not much to say on this =P Now for any new announcements!! And now for your Spring Break announcements! – Still on the lookout for a new committee. I’m not up in Middlesbrough currently, but talk to Alex / Jade or message …

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Mar 18

Season 2 Week 11 – 90s Meltdown

Never before have there been so many technical issues in one session of Anicom. Between files crashing, DVD players not working and quality issues everywhere, I’m amazed the session didn’t fall apart completely. But somehow we made it, showing awesome stuff like The Big O, Johnny Bravo, Evangelion, Hey Arnold and a few others. And …

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