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Nov 13

Fall Anime – Week 4

As I type this my space bar has started sticking down, making this feel weird as heck to type. But that won’t get in the way of another week of anime opinions, this time with more shows than ever. Yep, alongside the usual quartet of writers on the usual quartet of shows – Kill la …

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Nov 05

Fall Anime – Week 3

November already? Won’t be long until carol singers plague the streets and I’m huddled next to a radiator in my dressing gown. But in the meantime, there’s always more anime to watch and talk about! This week we’re changing things up a little. Its the usual four writers (please join us in writing about stuff, …

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Oct 27

Fall Anime – Week 2

Week 2! Ignore the fact Halloween and November are rapidly approaching and some series are up to their fifth episode, and instead spend some of those earlier nights reading our anime opinions! Steping up to the plate once more is Alexe, Mike, Phil and myself, with us again discussing Magi, Strike the Blood, Kill la …

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Oct 21

Fall Anime First Impressions

A new season of anime is upon us! But what shows out of the fifty odd do you watch (not Teekyuu, I assure you). Well, we’re here to help. A bunch of us watching various different shows each season, so it seems only natural to talk about them. So behold a (hopefully weekly) new feature …

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