Oct 03

Week 1 – First Session!

Oh, you innocent people...

Wow. Just… wow. We’ve never seen that many people turn up for a first session, so thanks for turning up and making it so awesome! From the people the committee spoke to afterwards, you guys seemed to enjoy it as well! And if you did, tell people about us, and drag your friends / housemates along next Thursday!

A few things to point out:

-Now that you realise how awesome Anicom is, please like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and sign up to the forums. If you wanna meet new people, don’t forget to post in the introduction thread, as well as the social networking and game server threads!

– Talking to those who didn’t come out to the pub afterwards… come along! If you don’t think you’re social enough, stop being daft. We’re all friendly, and willing to talk to new people. If you think you have to drink alcohol to come along to the pub, you don’t. We go along for the chat and the food, and we have a lot of members that don’t drink. Socialise, folks!

As a reminder, the art-jam for next Thursday (6th October) is ‘Draw yourself as a superhero or supervillain‘. Hopefully the few you saw at the first session should have inspired you to draw your own! See you then!

We also apologise for the lateness of this retrospective… we’re lazy.