Oct 12

Week 2 – Wait, You Actually Turned Up Again?

Everyday I'm Shufflin'!

It’s good to see that so many of you stuck around for another session of this madness, and thanks to any new faces that turned up! We hope you had fun again (apologies for the sound problems), and that most of you partied hard at the 8-Bit Icecream party afterwards!

Like usual, the announcements (a bit late again, apologies):

– If you enjoyed 8-Bit Icecream, go like their group on Facebook! Even better, their next event is less than a fortnight away (Thursday 20th October), and in the Students Union! Click here to find out more information!

– Next week, Anicom will be in OL7 Lecture Theatre instead of OL1. It’s not much of a change, seeing as it’s only next door, but we thought you ought to know anyway. You’ll be pointed in the right direction, and seeing as it’s a bit of a smaller room, prepare to make new friends!

– It was great seeing so many people doing art-jams, but we want to see even more for next week! The theme for tomorrow’s session (13th October) is ‘Draw A Mech / Robot!‘, so get drawing! Also, we’d love copies of your art-jams to show around on your blog, so scan / upload them somewhere and either post links in the art-jam thread on the forums or e-mail us at anicomhivemind@gmail.com

Like usual, remember to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and sign up to the forums. See you all tomorrow!