Oct 16

Week 3 – Thrills, Spills And Drills

Who the hell do you think we are!?

Once again, its awesome to see so many people turning up, and we hope you enjoyed the Gurren Lagann movies.

And now for the announcements…

– There’s gonna be another 8Bit Ice Cream, this coming Thursday after Anicom. It’ll be in the Hub (second floor of the Students Union) from 9 til late, so click here for all the info you need to know.

– We’re gonna be organising trips to various expos over the year, including Kitacon 4 in April, MCM Expo in May and Nemacon in June, so watch this blog and signup to the forums for the latest news.

– The ArtJam for this week is what the hell has Kirby eaten. Draw the little pink terror after he’s eaten something, and there’ll be a prize for the funniest, so be original (no dicks)!

– If you haven’t already, signup for memberships. In a few weeks, we’ll be requiring you to have signed up and paid, which you can do here, but if you’re confused then I’ll be writing up a guide on how to signup both on here and on the forums. Its only £5 for a year’s worth of fun, and we’ve got plenty of fun stuff planned throughout the year, so I’d hate for y’all to miss out.

In the meantime, don’t forget to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and I’ll see everyone on Thursday in OL1 when we’ll be showing more awesome stuff, including Drawn Together. Take care!