Nov 07

Week 6 – Power To The People

Probably the closest you'll get to seeing Dokura-chan at Anicom...

You requested, we listened. Thanks to everyone who responded on the forums with the shows you wanted to see. While we can’t show everything that got mentioned, hopefully we picked out some of the best (and a lot of what was said will be coming up throughout the year anyway, so don’t worry). We’ll be doing more sessions like this throughout the year, so keep telling us what you want to see and hopefully it’ll get shown. And now, the announcements…

– We’ll hopefully be getting our hands on 50 or so Animex tickets, discounted for all our awesome members (*cough* signup *cough*), and should have more news very on this very soon.

– Similarly, work carries on with organising trips to Kitacon and MCM May. More news on these in the near future too, so keep your eyes on the forums.

– Next week’s ArtJam is a videogame mashup. If you weren’t one of the 30 odd people who got two random games to fuse at the session, then get in contact with me and I’ll give you your awesome combo. And everyone who does this had better draw stuff, so I didn’t spend an hour at the back of Anicom ripping up paper for nothing. ;D

And that’s all for now. However, I’d keep your eyes on the blog, as I plan to start doing posts that aren’t just “this week we did blah”. So bookmark this here website, or just like us on Facebook / follow us on Twitter to be kept up to date. Take care y’all~