Nov 15

Comic of the Week – Mad Love

Hi, Puddin

A few years ago 2 people became partly responsible for a big boom in the cartoon market being enjoyed. Paul Dini (known for Batman animated / Superman/ Duck Dodgers/ Animaniacs /Star wars Ewoks) and Bruce Timm (Batman / Justice league) proved cartoons made in America could be critical and commercially a success.  Not long later the cartoons spilled into the comic world. Harleen Quinzel (Harley Quinn) originally made in the animated series became a sensation. She made her big graphic novel début in a comic called “Mad Love” her big origin story proving you don’t have to be crazy to be in love….. but it sure does help.

The comic drawn in the same style as Batman: the animated series, tells the story of how a young psychologist wound up under the spell of the most malevolent bad guy in comic history. Certifiably insane and completely devoted to “Mr J”. Her entire self worth is based upon the Jokers opinion of her, something which is not always nice and lovey. << To prove to Mr J her love and devotion and to finally prove herself worth of him, she decides there is only one thing to do. Kill The Batman.

The brilliant thing about this insane couple is that it shows cycles which are closely linked to real domestic violence which effects so many women in the world. The fact that they are both completly insane and there antics are a little crazy doesn’t change the fact Harley is a typlical abused spouse and Joker a typical abusive husband.

Mad love tries to explain why Harley stays with the joker no matter what. Whilst batman is a necessary role, this is harley center stage showing she is a better joker than…. well The Joker.

Mad love is what every comic should be, Funny, Serious, Deep and amusing all wraped up in one comic. Its set slightly outside the usual Batman continuity, but it most definitely a worthy edition to any persons collection. Not the easiest Graphic novel to find, but if you see it I 100% recommend you picking it up.


Hope you enjoyed This weeks comic of the week =)

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