Jan 30

Season 2 Week 4 – Poyo Poyo Fever


No particular theme this week, just a barrage of great shows with the new Archer, Foster, Dexter’s Lab, Soul Eater, Black Lagoon and… Poyopoyo, the first show this year to get a standing ovation. I would’ve shown more, but there’s only 3 episodes currently released. We’ll make a note to show it again when there’s some more avaliable. In the meantime, announcements!

– Animex tickets. I’m well aware everyone who’s ordered one through us is wondering where the hell they are. I can only assure you we’re all working on it, and that you should, should, get them on Thursday. And if you don’t, steps will be taken to compensate you for certain incompetences.

– Next week we’ll be chatting about MCM Expo (don’t worry, organisation on this one won’t implode, I promise) and about the committee for next year. If you’re interested in either, try and come along, although as always I’ll blog and forum the information, so if you can’t make it don’t worry, you won’t be left out of the loop.

– Talking of next week, the ArtJam is to draw what you would do with a time machine. Grandfather paradoxes ahoy.

And we’re done here. According to the handy dandy list of upcoming stuff, we’re going superhero mad next week, so if you’re a Marvel fan you’re in for a treat. Take care y’all!