Feb 03

Season 2 Week 5 – Super Duper

Still waiting for my goddamn coffee Joey

Its midnight, thinking of an original pun is way beyond me. And nothing I say could beat Chris’ ArtJam. Anyway, somebody told me I wasn’t nearly punctual enough with these blogs entries, so for one week, I’ll do this on time!

Anyway, the theme was superheroes, and we offered up a super (oh man how many times can I do this pun) collection of shows in Ironman, Wolverine, Heroman, DC Showcase, Tiger and Bunny and the Muuusic Meeeeeisteeer aka Batman Brave and the Bold. And if Batman singing isn’t enough to please you, then I’m beat.

There were also some announcements and apologies to be made.

– Animex oh crap its all fallen apart. I wasn’t with Tom and Jade when they explained the situation (but I’m still well aware of it), so all I can do is offer my sincere apologies to everyone who got pretty screwed by numerous cock-ups. I wish I could give you something better than just saying sorry, but I regretably can’t, but needless to say stuff will happen as a result of this, to ensure that future stuff we organise will not, does not and can not fall apart like this did.

– Which brings me to MCM Expo. We’re organising a trip to it (and I promise, me and Jade are taking a much more active role this time to ensure It. Doesn’t. Fail.), so if you’re interested and didn’t put your name on the list I passed around, PM me or otherwise talk to me before the end of the weekend, as I’ll be e-mailing out more information then. Basic info is in this thread, but for tl;dr, last weekend of May, £100 approx for the weekend, although you’ll spend at least that at the Expo. We won’t talk about my expenses, go trawling through the archives to see the horror of a first year with lots of money.

– Committee! Interested in becoming the Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer of Teesside’s Universities biggest society (excluding interlink)? Then come chat to us, via the forum, the internet, in person, however, just get chatting and we’ll tell you what you need to know. You don’t have to be a social butterfly like Tom or a weeaboo like myself to take charge, and the experience is really worth it. Well, when things don’t fall apart around you they are.

– ArtJam! Draw a comic book cover! Anything goes, so be as lolsy or as artsy as you want. I might even do one this week, can’t be shown up by Reaf.

I believe that’s all. Anicom will be running next week, same time, same place! Animex and Reading Week won’t affect us in the slightest, so hopefully I’ll see y’all in a week. Or sooner, if you’re going to Animex. Take care!