Feb 26

Season 2 Week 8 – Nat 20 Charisma

All the Charisma, All the Time

A more random selection of shows this week, including some brand new shows like Redakai and Black Rock Shooter, which… kinda sucked compared to the likes of Animaniacs and Eden of the East. Some important (and not so important) announcements were also announcified, such as…

Next week is User Request Week! You’re calling the shots for the next session, so get posting in the Suggestion-mobile thread and say what you want to see!

– Elections open in the Students Union from tomorrow onwards. Traditionally, almost nobody in the uni votes (less than a percent), so your vote really will make a difference. If your Facebook hasn’t already been spammed by people telling you to vote for them with such original catchphrases as “Don’t Think, Vote Pink” and “No Slogan, Just Action” (no joke, those are actual campaign messages), you can check out all the candidates right here.

– Interested in writing for the blog? Check out this thread on the forums for some more info, or just e-mail us at anicomhivemind@gmail.com with the article you want up. Because anything you guys write will be better than the stuff I put up.

– Aaaaand finally the ArtJam for this week is to draw how you’d destroy the world.

Think that’s all for now, so take care and I’ll see y’all same place same time for the night where you can’t blame me if it sucks. Take care!