Apr 18

Webcomic of the Week – Gunnerkrigg Court


Not done one of these in a while, so here goes. Starting in 2005, Gunnerkrigg Court portrays a world in which science and the ethereal conflict, the former represented by the titular court, and the latter a massive forest that surrounds the equally huge complex. The story follows two of the court school’s newest students, Antimony and Katerina, as they discover and unravel the mysteries of the world they inhabit.

And its that world that really defines this webcomic. While other’s go for straight up humour, or stand out via a quirky group of characters, its the Court itself (and what lies beyond) which stands out as the greatest element throughout. Machinery and countless weird and wonderful constructs lay dormant, scattered around the vast, cold and calculating court, which Kat has a field day disassembling, leading to her becoming a figurehead for robotkind, and far more besides.

Meanwhile, Annie, able to channel thoughts and communicate with the mystical, rapidly comes to be an intermediary for the court, able to appreciate both what science can explain, and what it cannot, becoming friends with the phantom Mort, dog spirit Renard, and even demigod Coyote.

I’ll avoid talking more about the characters, story and world, as its far better experienced than explained, but the art is worth a mention. While the style is distinctive, I’d be lying if I said it was anything special… for the main. However, whenever Antimony or Zimmy begins one of their out of body experiences, the imagery becomes far more vivid, and at times is simply jaw-dropping to behold.

While it shows no times of ending anytime soon, a lot has already happened in the 6 years Gunnerkrigg Court has been around for (coming to roughly 2 and a bit years within the comic). Three books have been spawned, and the webcomic itself continues to update three times a week, with plenty of additional content to be found too.

So go and check it out. The webcomic’s up here, and you can see some cool bonus drawings from its creator Tom Siddell over here. And if there’s a webcomic you think is a must read, either e-mail us with an article like this to our usual address, or if that sounds too much like effort, post over on the forum in this thread.