Apr 20

Season 3 Week 3 – Here Comes A New Challenger


Well there it is. We now have our new committee for next year. Congratulations to our new Chairman, Mizzy, our new Secretary, Jimbo, and our new Treasurer, Sarah. I have full confidence the three of you will do a superb job over the next year. =D

Aaaand now for announcements…

Anicom will be in OL1 for the next two weeks! You’d have thought I’d have remembered to announce something important like that in the session, but everyone leaving early meant it slipped my mind. >_>

– AGE VII! May 17th! For those of you who missed the last one, its a day full of gaming of every kind in the Hub, with loads of tournaments, a charity auction, and too many screens of gaming. There’ll be more information soon, but for now, if you’re interested in helping out, get talking to Marc.

– ArtJam for next week is to take an historical character and turn them into a superhero.

And that’s a wrap. Come along next week when we show… when we show… y’know, I have no idea. Just that its in OL1!