Oct 26

Week 5 Special – Why Sonic Heroes was amazing

Please don’t kill me Mizzy

Soooonic Heeeerroooes. Mention that to most Sonic fans and they’ll go into a blinding rage, only topped by mentioning Sonic ’06 to them. But I’ve not played that one, so lets go back to Heroes, and why I prefered it to every other Sonic game I’ve had the misfortune to play.

Where to begin. Well, for once, having a stupid amount of characters in a Sonic game paid off. Okay, even I can’t defend Team Chaotix, they were just… things… but the three rotating characters all working together through well designed levels and fights, were fun. Combine that with each trio having a different story, and you’ve got a pretty good amount of replayability, certainly compared to the MegaDrive versions.

It looked pretty, the soundtrack was great (hate on it all you want, that theme was amazing), and the gameplay was solid. I’m sorry, what more did you want from it? If that doesn’t make a good game, then I’m in the wrong profession, clearly.

Huh. Seeing as this has come up short, I’ll suppose why I’m not a fan of the originals, or most Sonic games in general. Its not a total hatred of everything the blue hedgehog does, I enjoyed Heroes, Generations and Kart (not Riders, screw that crap).

But for me, the whole dashing through the stage as fast as you can just isn’t fun 99% of the time. I prefer finesse, not holding right and pressing jump at the right time. Its why I love superhard platformers like Meat Boy and N, even if I’m not brilliant at them.

Next up is the ring system. I think Mario nailed it with having you get coins, and a hundred equals a 1-Up. In Sonic, you can be sprinting along but then oh noes, you didn’t react in a split-second, there goes all of your rings. Don’t worry though, it’s only up to 50! Well, I’ve been sprinting through the level as that’s what you want me to do, not collecting rings.

And finally, the Chaos Emeralds. Secret collectables is nothing new, having them be as plot integral as Sonic makes them though, is backwards. Unless you’re willing to waste time looking for them (thus going against what you’re meant to be doing to clear the game) most players will blaze through, blissfully unaware.

That’s a brief essance of why I’ve always found it hard to play Sonic games. The 3D ones tend to fare better for me, and I’ve yet to play Adventure 2 which is sitting on my 360, so maybe that’ll get added to the list of Sonics I can stomach. Either way, it makes me a little sad that Sonic flourished while Ristar (remember him?) sunk…

Anyway, there’s my contribution to Week 5. This is what you get for making me write an article that ties in with Marvel week then pulling the rug out from under me you fiends. Normal blog service will resume next week, but if you wanna write something for here, why not get chatting to Mizzy, Jimbo or Frankie! And don’t forget to buy memberships, details on how can be found here.