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Chair – James Leech


Jim-Jim has large face.

Loud and will sing Queen on cue.

Is Anicom chair.

Secretary – Jess Beaumont

10341404_10206356278564457_2351609916526216164_nSup guys. My name is Jess and yeah random stuff about me.

I’m addicted to all things Batman and DC. My most loved character is Harley Quinn, (She is my one true love I am sure).  I am a second year masters student in Television and Film production as making movies is my passion. I have many hobbies such as role playing,video games and drawing. I am the secretary of the committee and a good looking one at that…yeah anyway.

I lean to more western cartoons than anime but that does not mean I do not enjoy it. My favourites include Gravity Fall,Rick and Morty and Batman the animated series. The anime’s I enjoy are Card Capter Sakura,Martian Successor Nadesico and Chobits. I may not have a vast knowledge of anime but I am always willing to give most things a chance. Along side watching cartoons I love to read comics and have a good and ever growing collection of Marvel and DC.

I can be a little out spoken and some may say odd but always willing to lesson to others and help any one I can. If you ever need to chat feel free to come find me even if it’s just to rant.

So yeah..a little about me. See you around.

Treasurer – Michael McGreish

Michael can name over 30 Avengers from memory, identify most gundams by their sillouette alone and likes name dropping the people who worked on stuff to prove he’s a cool guy who knows things about things and totally hasn’t wasted most of his life on utter garbage like japanimation and funnybooks.

He balances Jess’s DC love by being a dyed in the wool marvel fan and has been reading comics for 15 years. he likes weird stuff like Nextwave and the Silver Surfer and Stingray and Machine Man.

he likes animes. ones with robots in are his favourites but he also likes ones from before the digital animation became a big thing, stuff with yoko kanno soundtracks and most things based off manga from the 60s. he likes talking to people about shows like these and will gladly educate people about them if they’re interested.

he’s a bit of a jerk but has a good heart (even if it is made of metal).

He thinks steven universe is lame, adventure time isn’t funny and hates attack on titan. He fills our resident hipster position and wrote his bio in the third person because he’s an asshole like that.

FUN FACT: Michael has seen the infamous musical “Spider-man Turn Off The Dark” and was nearly thrown out due to a dickhead usher (who was totally being a dickhead).