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Society Info

The Short Version

Teesside’s Animation and Comics society (also known as ‘Anicom’) is one of the biggest societies in the university, for people that love anime, cartoons, comics books, movies, video games, and plenty more. We meet twice a week and watch cool stuff  (OL1, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm), we all hang out together in the Terrace Bar most of the time, and we have a really busy forum. You’ll meet loads of new people with similar interests, membership is £5, and you’ll love us.

…so, you want the long version?

What is Anicom?

Anicom is the Teesside University Student Union’s Animation and Comics Society. Obviously it’s a bit of a mouthful, which is why everyone just refers to it as ‘Anicom’ for short. We’ve been running for almost a decade in our current form, and there’s plenty of great reasons why people keep coming back every year. We’re so awesome, even graduates come back to join us. We also won ‘Best New Society’ in 2006/07 and ‘Society of the Year’ in 2008/09 – We even have trophies and stuff to prove it!

Judging a book by its cover (or a society by its name), Anicom is a group of people who love all varieties of animation and comics. Whether you’re a fan of eastern stuff like anime or manga, traditional Western animation and comic books, or CGI works, Anicom is a place where we can talk about what we like, recommend stuff to others, and watch some cool shit twice a week on an awesomely big screen.

However, we’d like to think that Anicom is something more special than the bog-standard ‘anime society’ you’d expect to find at other universities. We see Anicom as a community, where all the members are one big family. If you’re worried about meeting new people, or aren’t usually good at making friends, don’t be scared to join us! We’re a friendly lot, and lots of members will testify about how much joining Anicom has done for them socially.

What does Anicom do?

Twice a week (Tuesdays andThursdays from 6pm, OL1 Lecture Theatre), we meet up and watch some cool stuff on a huge cinema screen. We like to keep things random and show the best of everything, but feel free to suggest shows for us to put on. We also don’t take ourselves seriously – Expect some crazy stuff to be shown now and again, as well as laughing and heckling through all the episodes.

We also run a friendly competition every week known as the ‘Artjam’. We’ll set a theme, you’ll draw a picture, and everyone gets a prize. If you’re an art  or animation student, this is a great way to improve your skills and create stuff for your portolio. If you’re not (I’m looking at you, programmers…), then do it anyway! As long as it’s funny, we don’t care how crappy it looks!

Outside of the sessions, there’s lots to do in the Anicom community. Most of us can be found in the Terrace Bar every day, so feel free to come join us and make some new friends inbetween your lectures. For those more internet-inclined, we have a really busy forum where you can talk about anything you want, any time of the day. And if you like writing, feel free to write an article for this blog, like a review of your favourite show! Just talk to any of the committee members about it.

How do I get involved?

To become a member of the society officially, you’ll need to buy a membership from the Students Union. It’s only £5 for the entire year! You have to buy membership online at the SU website here or through the societies page where you can look at all the other societies available. If there’s a problem with buying membership talk to the SU reception desk, they’ll help you out. If you’re not sure about joining, no problem – Your first four sessions are free, so you can try us out first. We do recommend that you buy a membership, though – It’ll give us money to spend on you guys, such as discounts for cinema trips and conventions!