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Former Treasurer of Anicom and current Chair of TV & Movies Soc. I help out where I can and generally do the comics and cartoons part of the Anicom blog. I've been here since almost the beginning of Anicom so if you have any questions or just want a chat then find me.

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Jul 02

Cartoon Review – Avatar The Legend of Korra Book 3: Episodes 1 – 3

Against my better judgement I decided to watch the premier of Avatar The Legend of Korra Book 3. I hated almost everything that happened in Book 2, that it resolved the equalist conflict magically off-screen, that Mako and Bolin had useless and annoying subplots that overtook part of the season, and the villain became more …

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Apr 01

Movie March – Avengers Confidential Black Widow and Punisher

I’m not sure why but Marvel has made another Anime movie. The upcoming Toei Avengers Disk Wars TV series I can understand, that’s trying to move new toys in Japan using the Avengers brand, but I have no idea why they keep trying with the Studio Madhouse Anime’s. The four TV series have been terrible, …

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Jan 28

Cartoon Review – Justice League War

More DC film animation with a Justice League origin story based on the New 52 reboot comic that was written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Jim Lee. It’s the first one in line with the New 52, which seems to be the coming standard for any of these non-Batman movies, and I’m not a …

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Jan 21

Anime Review – Space Dandy

Space Dandy, he’s a dandy man, in space! That pretty much sums up the show. It’s made by the creator of Cowboy Bebop, but nothing like that show so forget about that. One of the most hyped anime of the current season, even I heard about it and I’m so far outside the general anime …

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Jan 02

Cartoon Review – Frozen

Disney’s latest Princess movie, and merchandise vehicle for Christmas, is something actually surprising and transgressive for them. It skews their own genre conventions and delivers something sorely needed. I’ll try to keep this review as spoiler free as I can but I’d suggest going to see it without any knowledge of what happens, it’s a …

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Dec 27

Happy Holidays from Anicom

Hope everyone’s having a great holiday. Have fun and stay safe. We’ll see you in the new year when we start again on 7th January.

Dec 21

Action Cartoons, Girl Viewers, and Misogynistic Marketing

Recently there was a small controversy in the animation community where fans found out that the networks don’t want girls watching the boy’s shows. Worse they don’t actively don’t care, to the point where shows have been cancelled due to too many girl and family viewers. Misogynistic marketing was exposed and there was an outcry …

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Dec 02

Cartoon Review – Hulk and Iron Man: Heroes United

Marvel has made another animated direct to DVD movie, this time a cgi team-up with their two biggest sells, well the ones they still have the movie rights to anyway. Simply put it is horrible. Easily the worst piece of Marvel animation in the last ten years, only surpassed by the late 90s cartoons when …

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Nov 20

Cartoon Review – Avatar: Legend of Korra Book 2 Spirits

Spoilers ahead Why? Why did it have to be this way? How can the same people make a show worse than it ever could’ve been? How can they make the main cast in season 2 duller and flatter than in season 1? Just why?

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Oct 01

Anime Review – Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)

Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) is a 25 episode Anime series from April 2013. Based on a popular Manga series written and drawn by Hajime Isayama from 2009; the series is about the remnants of humanity that have sealed themselves off in multi-sectioned cites each surrounded by gigantic walls. These walls are meant to …

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