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Apr 06

Spring Anime 2018 First Episode Impressions – Part 1

With Movie March and the Top Ten in the past, it’s time to set our sights on the future once again, with the Spring season first impressions! And what a season we have, with new Tokyo Ghoul, Lupin, Persona, Sword Art Online and Fist of the North Star amongst some exciting debuts. This first part …

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Mar 31

Sean’s Top 10 Anime of 2017

These never get easier. The time has come to reflect on another year of great shows, lament about those I never got around to catching up with, and rank the ten best series and movies from the year that was 2017. 198! That was the number of first episodes you can read impressions of from …

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Mar 10

Movie March – Perfect Blue

Welcome back to Movie March, where we’ll be looking at and reviewing animated films from both the east and the west all month long. For our second entry of 2018, we’ll be focusing on something from way back in 1997, as we take a look at Perfect Blue. One of Satoshi Kon’s earlier works, before …

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Mar 03

Movie March – Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You!

March has arrived, not that you’d know from the winter wonderland outside. But that also means it’s time for the return of Movie March! We ran this back in 2014 as well as last year, and if you’re new here, it means you can look forward to a bunch of animated movie reviews throughout the …

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Feb 19

Winter Anime 2018 – Three Episodes Later…

So the first episode impressions are done for another season, but my work is far from over. You may recall back in the first part, I said I was gonna give six shows one more shot at winning me over, by watching their first three episodes. Afterall, sometimes a show needs an arc to establish …

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Jan 28

Winter Anime 2018 First Episode Impressions – Part 4

And as the first month of the year comes to a close, so too do these first episode impressions. But we’re going out with a bang. We’ve got two Fate shows! The return of Studio Trigger! A double dose of Seven Deadly Sins sequels! And yet another show from yesteryear makes a comeback! But will …

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Jan 21

Winter Anime 2018 First Episode Impressions – Part 3

Time for the third batch of winter shows. We’ve got the long-awaited KyoAni series Violet Evergarden asking that age old question “what is love”, noitaminA’s newest entry Love is Like After the Rain, and sequels to a few popular shows from the past few years in Overlord II and Dagashi Kashi 2! Oh, and an …

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Jan 14

Winter Anime 2018 First Episode Impressions – Part 2

After the first part of this season failed to bring any must-sees, how will this second selection fare? Well, considering it’s headlined by the return of Cardcaptors, I’m optimistic. That ain’t the only long gone show making a comeback either, as straight from the 00s we’ve got Basilisk! Man, between those and Devilman, this really …

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Jan 07

Winter Anime 2018 First Episode Impressions – Part 1

While I don’t do my Top Ten list until March, I can safely say 2017 is a hard year to top, with numerous great shows making for compelling viewing. How do you follow a year which had Made in Abyss, Rakugo and Land of the Lustrous, to name but a few? Well this season’s gonna …

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Nov 30

Fall Anime 2017 – Three Episodes Later…

First episode impressions may be over for the year, but that means it’s time to get down to actually watching the shows that impressed me. From the 52 new series (not a DC reference), five emerged. Some I expected to pass, such as Ancient Magus’ Bride and Children of the Whales, but there were also …

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