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Oct 29

October 2015 Manga Releases

After the last six months of manga megapost, this one will seem frankly sedate, covering only October’s releases. We’ve still got some cool stuff though, including the climax of one of manga’s longest running and most successful series, so hit that lil’ button and see for yourself.      

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Sep 28

Q2 & Q3 2015 Manga Releases

Hello! Been a while, eh? And look at that, the blog’s had a minor facelift. And the calendars working! And other behind the scenes nonsense you can’t see, but I assure you is totally rad. But, er, where was I. Oh yeah. Manga. We’ve seen a huge crop of titles come out over the past …

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Mar 26

Q1 2015 Manga Releases

Time for a manga megapost! There’s been a barrage of great releases over the past three months for fans of right to left comics from all the publishers, with more being licensed by the day (thank you Seven Seas for licensing Accelerator <3), so much so I can’t cover everything as in-depth as I would …

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Dec 04

December 2014 Manga Releases

So as it turns out I have been missing a manga publisher for the past few months. Good old Kodansha! Thanks to somebody on Twitter who reminded me about them. Anyway, time now to look at the final batch of Japanese comics making their way to UK shelves this year. Oh, and for the record, …

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Nov 10

November 2014 Manga Releases

Firstly, I’d like to say I do put my money where my mouth is and bought the first volume of Ajin, so expect thoughts on that sometime. Need to finish my current Cardcaptor Sakura volume. Secondly, and more importantly, WE HAVE AN ANICOM STEAM GROUP GO JOIN AND PLAY VIDJA GAEMS – Okay, enough …

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Oct 05

October 2014 Manga Releases

You. Yes, you there! Do you buy manga? Because if you do, this’ll be of interest, a guide to all the manga you can buy this month in the good old UK of… GB. And I mean, who reads scanlations anyway. Not I.

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Dec 04

Manga Review – Magic Knight Rayearth

CLAMP. More iconic than the Odas, Kishimotos or Kubos of manga, the quartet of manga artists have produced over two dozen manga works over the past few decades. Some of which have gone on to become enormous successes, like Cardcaptor Sakura, or Chobits, which I reviewed last year. But this time I want to focus …

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Oct 22

Manga Review – Karakuridôji Ultimo

The blog is alive and kicking once more! So to kick us off, what with it being Marvel week here and since I imagine (read – hope) the committee will be talking about comics, I’m gonna instead recommend a manga. How could I possibly tie one into Marvel? Well, this one’s written by Stan Lee, …

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Feb 03

Manga of the Week – Chobits

Wait we’re doing these again? Time for the resident weeaboo to return to form then. Chobits is one of Clamp’s creations, and odds are you’ve heard of something they’ve made. The all-female mangaka group are responsible for Cardcaptor Sakura, Clover, xxxHolic, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and most recently Gate 7 (first volume is out now, its …

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Nov 11

Manga of the Week – Bakuman

Well, when you’ve covered anime, cartoons, comics and wecomics, the only thing left is manga. There’s a ridiculous amount avaliable to choose from, but what better place to start than with the most recent creation of Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, the people who created international mega-hit Death Note. I am of course talking about …

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