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Mar 09

Season 2 Week 10 – Riiiiiidge Raaaaacer

THROBULATOR APPROVES OF THIS POST. Yep, Invader Zim crashlanded into Anicom this week, followed by the masterclass of animation and insanity that is Redline. Along with a few announcements, some actually important, so enjoy… – We are hiring! Okay, not quite, but next month it’ll be time to elect a new committee. If you’re at …

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Mar 07

Season 2 Week 9 – Role Reversal

Totally not late with this blog post. >_> But yeah, this (or last…) week you got to call the shots, and call them y’all most certainly did. Robot Chicken, Carnival Phantasm, Freakzaoid, Ghost in the Shell, Cow and Chicken, Ouran, Ren and Stimpy and some silly spherical cat, all chosen by you guys. So you …

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Feb 26

Season 2 Week 8 – Nat 20 Charisma

A more random selection of shows this week, including some brand new shows like Redakai and Black Rock Shooter, which… kinda sucked compared to the likes of Animaniacs and Eden of the East. Some important (and not so important) announcements were also announcified, such as… – Next week is User Request Week! You’re calling the …

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Feb 17

Season 2 Week 7 – Memory Lane

So, how did you like your childhood (well, most of our childhoods) being brought back for one week. Between Pokémon, Digimon, YuGiOh, Beyblade, Stop the Pidgeon and Simpsons, I think we covered all bases of awesome nostalgia. And we had some cool announcements too. – If you signed up for the MCM trip, you should …

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Feb 10

Season 2 Week 6 – To Infinity and Beyond

Well, I’ll admit the first half hour of this session wasn’t Anicom at its highest, and I apologise to everyone for the dramadramadrama, but both me and Jade felt it had to be done. I’ll keep this summary brief, if you really want to know more talk to me in person… – Myself and Jade …

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Feb 03

Season 2 Week 5 – Super Duper

Its midnight, thinking of an original pun is way beyond me. And nothing I say could beat Chris’ ArtJam. Anyway, somebody told me I wasn’t nearly punctual enough with these blogs entries, so for one week, I’ll do this on time! Anyway, the theme was superheroes, and we offered up a super (oh man how …

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Jan 30

Season 2 Week 4 – Poyo Poyo Fever

No particular theme this week, just a barrage of great shows with the new Archer, Foster, Dexter’s Lab, Soul Eater, Black Lagoon and… Poyopoyo, the first show this year to get a standing ovation. I would’ve shown more, but there’s only 3 episodes currently released. We’ll make a note to show it again when there’s …

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Jan 23

Season 2 Week 3 – The Spirit Squad

We’re getting into our stride again now, as we showed the all time classic Studio Ghibli movie Spirited Away (along with blast from the past Medabots). No big announcements per say due to Tom being away on buisness, me busy with ICAs and Jade working on her own projects, so this post should be rather …

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Jan 15

Season 2 Week 2 – Remake? What Remake?

Another week passes, and hopefully y’all are getting used to our new home of H0.01. And the remakes we showed in the form of Dragonball Kai, Thundercats, Transformers and My Little Pony: Friendship s magic. And Azumanga Daioh / Batman Beyond which got snuck in there somehow. I don’t know how we fitted it all …

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Jan 08

Season 2 Week 1 – Lets Do The Timewarp Again

We’re baaaaack. In more ways than one. Time to perform necromancy on this blog and get back to updating it. Hopefully you enjoyed the 80s Night fun of Thundercats, Dragonball Z, Transformers, He-Man and… the original My Little Pony. Well, it was funny to laugh at how bad it was, if nothing else. Anyway, to …

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