“Problem, sir?” -Anicom’s glorious founder Moley

Maybe there’s something about the society that you want to know about, or you have a problem of some kind. Whatever the reason, there’s plenty of ways you can get in touch with us!


Perhaps the easiest way to talk to us is through our forums, as you’ll find the committee (and most of the members) posting there every single day. Of course, you’re already a member and staying active in the community, right? Feel free to post any queries in the chatbox at the bottom of the forum homepage, or if you’d rather contact us directly, you can send a PM to the committee.

Social Media

You’re all students, so that means you’ll all use Facebook. I’m pretty sure most of you will be using Twitter as well! So if you have any questions, feel free to contact us through either our Facebook page or our Twitter page… and like / follow us whilst you’re there!


…or maybe you’re just old-fashioned and prefer to contact us via e-mail. No problem, just pop off a message to the following address: